Thursday, September 4, 2008

The new campus

After three days of waiting for the bus at the wrong stop (they moved it three blocks away and somehow everyone knew--except me, which amazes me because the incorrect stop is still listed on the official schedule which I checked faithfully), I finally made it to campus yesterday. As for the construction, there has been a good bit of progress made since last week, though it is a long way from finished. All the same, we will begin teaching, as scheduled, on Sunday morning. I took some pictures—in these first few you can see that the design is magnificent. And you can also see some of the reflective vests and hard hats and construction materials. Below is part of the exterior of the Humanities and Social Sciences building which....

houses my office...

There is no computer or telephone yet (or internet or printers or photocopiers or classroom furniture), but there is a desk and some chairs in my office. From my window, you can see that workers are laying stone in the courtyard below. Like the rest of the campus, it is full of promise.

One of my favorite French phrases I learned in Kinshasa is on s'adapte which means that one adapts oneself to one's circumstances. (It is hard to capture its pith in translation.) It has been in my mind these past few weeks. I think I adapt pretty well and am reasonably patient, so I am not too worried.

If you are interested in the construction project, in May NPR Weekend Edition ran a very good story on it that you can read or listen to online.

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