Friday, September 26, 2008

Big News!

We just bought a washing machine—my first ever!! I have been going to laundromats since I went away to college almost twenty years ago. The closest I have come to anything like this was a machine on the ground floor of my apartment in Harrisburg, and a machine in the alley behind my apartment in Miami Beach. Both took quarters. No more. Plus it is a front-loader. This is very exciting for me. Check out the action-shot (I was sure to photograph it in use!):

We bought it used from friends who moved in upstairs. They bought it last year and then moved into an apartment that already had one installed. So we got it for 1000LE or about $190US. We put it in the kitchen, which seems kind of strange, but that is where the hook-ups were and there is a space for it. No dryer—hanging things up takes care of that in no time at all. Desert heat is remarkable.

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