Friday, January 9, 2009

In Memoriam

My first post of the year is a sad one. My grandmother passed away on Saturday, January 3. My birthday! To add to the coincidence (if it is that), she was living in a nursing home on the same campus as the hospital where I was born.

I’m not sure that my blog is the place to write justly about such things. I miss her, but fortunately I was able to visit with her on December 31 in the afternoon. She seemed tired, but peaceful. I am also grateful that I have had this time in Philadelphia to spend with family remembering and celebrating her. I appreciate all of the kind thoughts and wishes that folks have sent.

Consider this my explanation for infrequent blog postings. I have missed several days of research but should be back in the archives on Monday. I will try to post something new in the early part of next week.

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