Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walking down the road with an iron in my hand

We had a great trip to Dahab. I will try to write about it and post some pictures in a couple days but for now I am getting ready for the start of new faculty orientation tomorrow morning.

It is a big deal, I think. My first official day of work at my first tenure-track job.

I just got back (at 10 pm) from returning an iron I borrowed earlier from a friend. They realized they needed it themselves this evening. I gladly walked it over to their apartment about three blocks away. But because I was still using it when they called, the iron was still hot, literally. So here I was, walking through the streets of my Cairo neighborhood with a still-hot iron in my outstretched hand, careful to avoid burning myself or anyone else. I smiled; it was a funny image.

I am still not sure what I will wear tomorrow, although my options now a couple of somewhat crisp shirts. I don’t think I will wear a suit since much of the new campus (which is supposed be ready for the start of classes in two weeks) is still a hard-hat site. Plus, since it is August in Cairo, it will be 100 degrees.

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